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MDHA is Wolf Management in Minnesota

Old News, MDHA and Wolf Management

There's been a lot of talk circulating about past efforts to promote wolf management in Minnesota. A vocal group from Northwest Minnesota continues to oppose any mention of wolf management as if it were their exclusive idea. It's challenging to recall each organization's role in this debate over the years unless closely followed.

While a time machine would be handy for verifying claims, that remains in the realm of fantasy. Social media was not as prevalent during those early wolf hunting days in Minnesota compared to people expressing their opinions online today.

To delve deeper into this topic, we conducted a straightforward Google search using keywords like "Minnesota Wolf Hunt 2012,2013,2014 Minnesota Deer Hunters Association," which yielded numerous news articles related to the subject. We found many articles, blog posts and various files supporting MDHA's claim that they have always been on the right side of wolf management in Minnesota. Here are some quotes and links to verify for yourself. 

"The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association has long backed federal de-listing of the gray wolf from the Endangered Species list and urged a hunt." MPR Article 2012

"The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association has set up a link on its website for reporting documented wolf sightings" Pioneer Press 2015

"Minnesota Deer Hunters Association and a majority of the Minnesota Legislature—the parties responsible for ramming a wolf hunting season through the Capitol five years ahead of schedule." MinnPost 2012

"Mark Johnson MDHA ED,DNR to conservative on wolf hunt numbers" Bemidji Pioneer 2012

"The MN Deer Hunters Association called for a doubling of the wolf hunting quota set by the DNR for the 2012-3 season" LINK

"The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association on Friday sent a notice to its members taking exception with the actions of the environmental group Howling for Wolves, which has suddenly shown up on the scene in an attempt to stop the wolf hunting and trapping season set to begin this fall in Minnesota." LINK 2012

This is not an exhaustive list of links and files that we found, just a few quick copy and pastes. Surprisingly, even to us Wolf.Report isn't as original as we thought. Turns out MDHA was doing something similar way back in 2012.  Great minds think alike, I guess. 

As you or anyone can see if they care to be honest is that or partners over at MDHA have been in the trenches on wolf management for decades. Doing things over 10 years ago that we are doing again today. They've won many battles but the war rages on and they continue to fight alongside those of us with honest truthful dedication to the issues that face Minnesota Deer Hunters.

Also, being smart "interweby" people we can still access some of MDHA's old website content and we grabbed this quote from their position statements 2011.

"MDHA Position Statement on Delisting the Gray Wolf...
“Minnesota Deer Hunters Association supports the recovery objectives as outlined in the 1992 (revised) Eastern Timber Wolf Recovery Plan.  This plan includes population goals of 1251 - 1400 wolves in Minnesota by the year 2000, and a delisting of the species when “two viable populations within the 48 contiguous United States of America exist.” MDHA also believes that any objectives regarding population levels of the Eastern Timber Wolf must be considered in coordination with the traditions of deer hunting in the state.  This consideration includes the economic and social impacts on human populations, as well as the ecological considerations of the wildlife involved.  Furthermore, MDHA believes it is in the best interest of both predator and prey to have their management directed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.”

In addition, MDHA feels delisting of the wolf in MN is overdue and should be accomplished immediately. Furthermore, in accordance with federal delisting of the wolf in MN in 2007, and in accordance with the DNR Wolf Management plan that states “general taking of wolves will be postponed until 5 years after federal delisting,” MDHA advocates that a wolf hunting and trapping season should be initiated no later than the fall of 2012 (5 years after the initial 2007 delisting)."

Some may ask what is the purpose of this article. Simple, to help people find the truth about days gone by, today. A simple google search can surely clear up any misconceptions.

The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA) has consistently upheld its support for wolf hunting seasons in Minnesota, emphasizing the importance of maintaining balanced wildlife management practices and ecological conservation. The association's dedication to advocating for active wolf management reflects its commitment to addressing the intricate dynamics between wolves, deer populations, and sustainable hunting practices in the state. By collaborating with governmental bodies and supporting legislative efforts like House File 3903 and Senate File 3988, the MDHA actively participates in shaping policies that aim to ensure the long-term well-being of both wildlife and hunters.

Looking ahead, the MDHA's steadfast support for wolf hunting seasons sets the stage for ongoing discussions and potential advancements in wildlife management practices in Minnesota. As the association continues to navigate the evolving landscape of conservation and hunting regulations, its role in promoting responsible and sustainable hunting practices remains pivotal. By staying actively engaged in legislative processes and wildlife management initiatives, the MDHA aims to contribute to the preservation of ecological balance while safeguarding the interests of hunters and the broader community. Through its unwavering advocacy efforts, the MDHA plays a crucial role in shaping the future outlook of wildlife management practices in Minnesota for the benefit of both wildlife populations and the hunting community.

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