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Addressing False Allegations: Setting the Record Straight

In response to misleading claims by the Hunters For Hunters organization, we feel compelled to clarify our position. Recently, we published a post regarding Minnesota State Statutes pertaining to wolf management and the protection of domestic animals and humans. It is important to note that at no point did we advocate for the outright killing of wolves, nor would we ever do so.

Our objective was to highlight the disparity between state laws and the current federal ban on safeguarding pets and livestock. While our wording may not have been flawless, our intentions were justified by numerous reports of pet and livestock attacks since November alone.

However, it seems Mr. Steve Porter, a Deer Farmer with bias and a penchant for criticizing all organizations except Hunters For Hunters and certain lawmakers, misinterpreted our article. He made untrue claims, evidently motivated by his peculiar animosity towards the DNR and MDHA.

It is regrettable that a non-profit hunting organization such as Hunters For Hunters has chosen to invest so much time in mudslinging and spreading lies, rather than actively working towards their professed goals.

Following Mr. Porter's accusations, we promptly made edits to our post to clarify that State Law can not override Federal Law – an undeniable fact that the H4H group seems to disagree with. Yet, it is perplexing that they would adopt Mr. Porter's misinterpretation of our website post, considering the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association had no involvement in it whatsoever.

Let us be clear: MDHA and Wolf.Report are separate entities. Our website is a one-man operation committed to advocating for responsible wolf management, amplifying the voices of hunters, trappers, and livestock owners alike.

Now, Mr. Porter and the Hunters For Hunters group he leads are attacking us with false interpretations and groundless accusations. These falsehoods can be easily debunked, as evidenced by the current version of our article, which can be accessed here: [link to the article]. It is evident from reading the article that both MDHA and us do not endorse the extermination of wolves; rather, we advocate for responsible wolf management.

It is disheartening to witness our representatives perpetuating these false interpretations without verifying the facts. This situation serves as a reminder of some organizations' true motives, highlighting their disregard for wolf management, as well as the livelihoods of deer hunters, pet owners, farmers, and ranchers.

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