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Wolves have proven themselves to be cunning predators and adaptable opportunists. Their ability to scavenge and survive in various conditions has led to their successful expansion in Minnesota. As apex predators, they face few obstacles to their territorial growth, especially with our current federal hands-off policy.

Previously, Minnesota had well-managed seasons of wolf hunting from 2012 to 2014, thanks to organizations like MDHA and its partners. By responsibly managing the wolf population through hunting, we gained valuable knowledge and achieved ecological and economic success. Unfortunately, external influences have put a halt to this progress.

Since those seasons, little has been done to effectively manage the wolf population in Minnesota. Federal hunters are only paid to address specific problem wolves, leaving overall management largely neglected. This not only hinders our ability to benefit from wolf management but also contradicts current Minnesota statutes that would allow us to protect our livestock and pets.

As a realist, I understand that the road ahead will be challenging and will require more than just online discussions and social media posts. However, every conversation counts and can contribute to the cause. It's important not to advocate for the complete extermination of wolves or other predators, as this is both impractical and counterproductive. Instead, responsible wolf management is needed to maintain a sustainable balance and protect the future of deer hunting, as well as the safety of livestock and pets.

So, what can you do to help?

  1. Join the conversation, participate, don't hate. 🤝
  2. Email your local, state, and federal policymakers, sharing your honest and respectful thoughts on the matter.
  3. Support conservation groups dedicated to wildlife and habitat management.
  4. Support Wolf.Report . 💪
  5. Be a positive hunter ambassador. Leave name-calling to the sixth graders. 
  6. Make arguments based on facts rather than emotions.
  7. Always fact-check your information (we can all improve in this area). 
  8. Report any wolf-related issues and share them through platforms like Wolf.Report. 🤓
  9. Support companies and organizations that actively promote responsible wolf management.

This list is not exhaustive, but it highlights some practical steps you can take. Please feel free to share your ideas on how to make a difference. And remember, advocating for illegal and unethical practices like ("SSS") is not helpful. Wolves and deer hunters can coexist, but we must navigate this controversial issue with local perspectives.

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