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Why Wolf.Report

Why report on Wolf.Report? Who benefits? These are valid questions. The Wolf controversy has been a long-standing issue for Northern Deer Hunters. It has sparked endless discussions and debates over the years. However, recently, it seems to have reached a boiling point. We constantly hear about numerous sightings by Deer hunters and how the growing Wolf population is impacting the Minnesota Deer population, making it increasingly challenging to have successful hunting experiences.

In light of this, we found it valuable to listen to our fellow hunters and track these encounters for our own benefit. There is a significant level of mistrust in the methods employed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), so why not gather our own data? It is important to note that this data is not intended to replace the work of qualified biologists and wildlife managers in any way, nor is it a scientific endeavor.

Essentially, Wolf.Report serves as a platform for hunters to share their sightings and provide some form of evidence. Sightings without photographic proof will be classified as Alleged, while those with photographic evidence will be categorized as Wolf Sighting, Wolf Sign, or Wolf Kill. All other reports will be labeled as Alleged sightings. We moderate all reports and share them without bias or ulterior motives.

If you have witnessed wolf activity, we encourage you to report it on Wolf.Report. Then, during your next heated discussion about the Wolf Deer controversy, you can refer others to our map for concrete evidence. Without proof, it becomes difficult to make a convincing case.

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