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Who Is Wolf.Report?

Hunters - Trappers - Concerned Citizens - Farmers

Welcome to our platform dedicated to elevating the voices of Minnesota hunters, trappers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Join us in advocating for responsible wolf management in Minnesota. Share your reports, photos, and stories, and together we will ensure that they are seen by all. Wolf.Report, MDHA, and our partners are committed to providing a platform for you to be heard. Your voice matters, and we are here to amplify and support it.

OUR Mission

Protecting Minnesota's natural wildlife by helping to identify and report areas of concern. By advocating for a regulated wolf hunting season, we can work towards maintaining a balance between living alongside wolves and safeguarding other game animals and property. While this topic may spark debate, we firmly denounce any illegal poaching of game animals. Together, let's ensure effective wolf management in Minnesota for the benefit of our deer population, livestock, and pets.

MDHA & Wolf.Report

The dynamic partnership between Wolf.Report and MDHA! While we are independent organizations, MDHA recognized the many possibilities we could bring to the wolf conversation in Minnesota, as well as other important topics. It's important to note that the viewpoints expressed on our website and social media platforms may not necessarily reflect those of MDHA or its members. Nonetheless, we wholeheartedly support each other's missions and collaborate closely.

What is Citizen Science?

At Wolf.Report, Citizen Science means that YOU provide the data, and we provide the platform for display. Our website is designed for the citizens, hunters, trappers, and farmers/ranchers of Minnesota to easily report wolf encounters and share images you capture. We greatly value the reports from your trail cameras, as they provide valuable insights. Please continue to submit them. In addition, we are also planning to collect additional data from the area using the same method. So, keep your batteries fresh and cameras ready so you can be a part of this exciting community-driven project.

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