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Wolf.Report FAQ

Wolf.Report FAQ
Why should I share on Wolf.Report?

Why not? The more attention we can create, the better. Think of it as ammunition. We need lots. Together we can garner the attention that is needed to make a difference in bringing a wolf hunt to Minnesota.

Is Wolf.Report actually MDHA?

No. Wolf.Report is an independent private organization. MDHA is a generous supporter of ours. Thank you MDHA!

Who Is Wolf.Report?

Wolf.Report is a private organization. Based out of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.Our content may use terms such as we/I or us. All refer to the Wolf.Report org.


Stability Through the Years: MDHA has stood the test of time for over 40 years, adapting to the ever-changing conditions impacting deer and deer hunting in Minnesota. Just as deer populations rise and fall, MDHA remains steadfast. Founded by passionate deer hunters, their commitment to their original principles has never wavered. Through thick and thin, MDHA stands by Minnesota's deer hunters, supporting them in both good and challenging times.

What does Powered by MDHA mean?

It means we are sponsored by MDHA. No hidden meaning. It is as simple as I thought that sounded better than sponsored by. They sponsor our digital mission and we are very grateful for their help, support, and guidance when needed.

Where are you based out of?

Grand Rapids Minnesota is where we call home.

What are your goals?

Firstly to bring attention to the wolf management issue in Northern Minnesota. Secondly give hunters and concerned citizens a place to record, share and promote their encounters with wolves.

To have  a real world real people data collection.  To truly have  public scientific data that is not altered to fit an agenda.

How do I partner with Wolf.Report?

Shoot us an email at We'd appreciate any help you can offer to help bring wolf management to Minnesota. Big thanks to MDHA and Ahlman's for supporting Wolf Management in Minnesota.

Does Wolf.Report support a wolf hunt in MN?

Yes, we do. We want a responsibly managed wolf hunt based on scientific data rather than misguided perceptions.

What does Wolf.Report mean?

It means we share your reports of wolf encounters on our website. We will try to give you a larger audience to see your photos and read your reports. Wolf.Report is your reports, not ours.

Do you work with any lawmakers?

Negative. That is not what we do. We will leave that up to the organizations with members and a much larger audience. We for now focus solely on this website and social media platforms. We are just an online presence. No members, no meetings.


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