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Let the anti’s fight their own fight.

When we first created this website and social media pages, we anticipated that it would ignite controversy and face criticism. The issue at hand, concerning the wolves in Minnesota, has long been a subject of debate. On one side, we have the hunters, and on the other side, the animal rights activists. This age-old conflict has been ongoing since I can recall, and those of us who grew up hunting and trapping have always been portrayed as monsters by organizations like PETA. We understood that they simply didn't grasp our perspective, possibly because they hailed from distant cities where hunting was not ingrained in the culture. Considering their well-known positions, we could somewhat comprehend their attacks.

However, what I didn't anticipate was that the majority of the criticism we receive on social media actually comes from fellow hunters who claim to share our values. Why do they go to such lengths to attack other hunting-related organizations? Is there an underlying agenda? Did they believe that attacking one another was the most effective way to advocate for a wolf hunt in Minnesota, while disregarding those who are working to prevent it? It truly baffles me. Has PETA become more cunning in their tactics? I cannot say for certain, but it certainly seems counterproductive.

Perhaps this is the way of the world now. The goal on social media is to generate attention, and it appears we are succeeding in that regard. I just didn't expect that it would be our own community attacking us at every turn. Times change, I suppose, and new alliances must be forged.

If you are genuinely committed to making a wolf hunt possible in Minnesota, make your intentions known. Promote your message in your own unique way through your own channels. This is not a competition between hunters; it is a battle to protect deer hunting in Minnesota. Our aim is to raise as much awareness as possible for the wolf issue in Minnesota, and we will continue doing so every single day, by any means necessary. You have the choice to do the same or to focus on expressing your animosity towards others. Good luck to us all. I hope we can successfully convey our messages for the greater good of deer hunting in Minnesota.

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