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Wolf Hunting Season In Minnesota

Why Do You Care About Wolf Management?

Curious about what wolf management means for deer hunters, trappers, and farmers/ranchers? Is it about eliminating wolves entirely or implementing a hunting/trapping season? Or is there another perspective to consider?

For me, it simply means having better control over the wolf population in Minnesota. We need a hunting/trapping season that follows scientifically guided practices and goals. It doesn't have to be the same everywhere in Minnesota, and it shouldn't be.

Feedback I received from the Other Culprit post showed that opinions on wolves vary across the state. Some areas have less tolerance for the growing wolf population, while others handle it better when it comes to deer, livestock, and pet interactions. This diversity should be considered when planning wolf management. Habitat matters.

If you're reading this, chances are you already believe that the official wolf numbers in Minnesota are too low. I can confirm that from the reports and comments we've received on Wolf.Report. It seems that wolf packs are moving south/southwest along multiple routes in the state. Some might argue that this is obvious, but not everyone has access to the same information as you do.

It's our responsibility to educate and share what we see or hear. As hunters, we are a minority. That's why we need to be effective educators to those who don't understand why wolf management is important. It's crucial that we educate ourselves on the topic as well.

That's why I created the Wolf.Report website and social media platforms. I wanted to provide hunters, trappers, farmers/ranchers, and pet owners a space to share their observations and raise awareness about the issue of wolf management among all Minnesotans. In just two months, we have gathered thousands of wolf sightings, reports, and pictures/videos. The response has been overwhelming, and I have gained valuable insights. I look forward to continuing to share what we learn and what is shared with us on Wolf.Report. We are actively exploring new avenues to reach the public and are currently collaborating with our partners on some exciting initiatives. We will keep you updated as these developments come to fruition.

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