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Minnesota Wolf Kill

Wolves Devour Prize Buck

From a Wolf Reporter

"I was hunting with my friend on the south side of Lake Vermilion. We were using crossbows the last weekend in October. We had access to private land just south of County Road 115. There are lots of cabins in the area and lots of traffic on the road. My friend shot a nice buck at 9am, but hit it a little too far back in the vitals and probably hit the liver. We stayed in our stands for 30 minutes and then found his arrow. There was lots of blood for the first 30 yards and where the buck layed down about 50 yards away from his stand. As we followed the blood trail, we jumped the buck about 30 yards in front of us, so we left it alone for another 30 minutes. As we walked up on it again, it jumped and ran off, so we decided to leave it for a couple of hours. We came back to the hunting spot around Noon. We last saw it near a clearcut area, so we walked to that spot. Some ravens were making alot of noise in the trees, so we figured the deer must be dead. We were talking as we walked up a hill and looked to our right and saw a huge wolf standing 20 yards away over what was left of the buck! The wolf ran off after staring us down for a few seconds. But we did get this shot of what was left of my friend's trophy. At least he got a nice European mount out of it - LOL! My question is, who can I share this with at the DNR? Because everything was gone from the deer but the skeleton, it seems there is a pack of wolves in the area that are very comfortable with people. So I'm figuring any dogs in that area are probably at risk, and the DNR should deal with this hungry pack!"

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