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Minnesota Wolf Management

Working Together

At Wolf.Report we are passionate about recording wolf sighting reports from the citizens of Minnesota. We gather data from our website, social media, and email to provide valuable information to hunters and regulatory agencies interested in citizen-supplied data on wolves.

As our database expands, we'll provide more ways for you to interact with it and make it even more helpful for various studies and everyday use.

We have recently joined forces with the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association and its ever-growing number of members. This collaboration is something we had been eagerly anticipating since our launch. As a small organization with limited resources, partnering with MDHA will greatly enhance the future of Wolf.Report and enable us to bring our planned initiatives to life. Together, we can create a platform for MDHA members and everyone else to share their wolf encounters, combat misinformation, and work collaboratively towards our shared goals.

What can you expect from Wolf.Report and MDHA in the near future?

- Upgraded Mapping Software
- Improved Communication
- Increased transparency in advocacy efforts
...and much more!

At Wolf.Report, you can expect a professional and respectful environment. We are not associated with the DNR or any other agency, but we proudly stand alongside the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association and its members.

What you won't find here is name-calling or childish behavior. We believe in maintaining a positive and collaborative community.

Join us on this journey and let's work together to enhance our understanding of wolves in Minnesota.

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