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Minnesota Wolf Population Count

Minnesota's Wolf Population: Inaccurate Counts

Minnesota is well known for its diverse wildlife and is home to a thriving population of gray wolves, a species that has long been a source of conservation debate and ecological significance. For those immersed in the state's hunting culture, accurate counts of the wolf population are more than a mere statistic; they are a pivotal piece of environmental management that can affect the delicate balance of the ecosystem, hunting opportunities, and even human-wildlife interactions.

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Minnesota Deer Hunters Association

Stay Above The Fray

Wolves have proven themselves to be cunning predators and adaptable opportunists. Their ability to scavenge and survive in various conditions has led to their successful expansion in Minnesota. As apex predators, they face few obstacles to their territorial growth, especially with our current federal hands-off policy.

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Minnesota Wolf Management

Breaking Point

We hunt in area 258, Becker County, Section 18 Savannah Township parcel numbers 27.0062.000 and 27.0062.001 120 acres South of Itasca State Park, included in the private land we hunt a total of 600 acres of adjacent Becker County, MN Forestry and White Earth State Forest. We also hunt throughout an additional 18,000 acres North and West of the private land.

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Wolf Hunting Season In Minnesota

Why Do You Care About Wolf Management?

Curious about what wolf management means for deer hunters, trappers, and farmers/ranchers? Is it about eliminating wolves entirely or implementing a hunting/trapping season? Or is there another perspective to consider?

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How have wolves changed your hunting in Minnesota?

Share Your Story

Tell us your story! We want to hear about what you're seeing in your hunting area. We all know the wolf population is higher than the official numbers suggest. There's important work to be done and valuable information to be gathered. Your reports will help paint a clear picture.

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