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Wolf Attack In Minnesota

Homeowner has to euthanize backyard deer.

A shocking incident occurred in Virginia, Minnesota: a wolf attacked a deer right in someone's backyard. Unfortunately, the homeowner was left with no choice but to euthanize the injured deer. Viewer discretion is advised as the accompanying pictures are graphic.

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Coyote Hunting In Minnesota

Predator Control - Control Those Coyotes

Sign up now to connect with Predator Hunters and Trappers who can assist landowners in controlling predators. Receive email notifications for Predator Control needs in your area. Hunters and Trappers, don't miss out on the opportunity to help landowners who are in need of your expertise in coyote control. Sign up today!

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Protect your pets from wolf attacks in Minnesota

You Have The Right To Protect - According To State Law

EDITED: Recently, we have received an alarming influx of reports and emails regarding dangerous incidents where wolves have targeted pets and livestock. Thankfully, we have not received any reports of humans being attacked. However, it is crucial for all our followers to be aware of their rights to protect themselves. We strongly urge you to exercise these rights and keep your loved ones safe. Our data suggests that these attacks are on the rise, making vigilance more important than ever.

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Minnesota Wolf Hunt

Let the anti’s fight their own fight.

When we first created this website and social media pages, we anticipated that it would ignite controversy and face criticism. The issue at hand, concerning the wolves in Minnesota, has long been a subject of debate. On one side, we have the hunters, and on the other side, the animal rights activists. This age-old conflict has been ongoing since I can recall, and those of us who grew up hunting and trapping have always been portrayed as monsters by organizations like PETA. We understood that they simply didn't grasp our perspective, possibly because they hailed from distant cities where hunting was not ingrained in the culture. Considering their well-known positions, we could somewhat comprehend their attacks.

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Hunters in Minnesota Fighting Hunters in Minnesota

Don't Fall for the Blame Game: Working Together for Wolf Management

As hunters, it's natural to care about the management of the wildlife in our states. But when it comes to controversial issues, like the management of wolves in Minnesota, there's often a lot of finger-pointing and blame instead of constructive action. Some hunting organizations will spend more time complaining and blaming than they will working towards a solution that benefits everyone. It’s important to be leery of those who only complain and blame, and why working together is the only way to achieve meaningful Wolf Management in Minnesota.

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