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Adventuress Kate Small and Down The Barrel

Idaho Wolf Management Vs. Minnesota

On the latest episode of Down The Barrel Podcast, we had the pleasure of chatting with two remarkable female hunters - Jen from Adventuress Magazine and Kate Small from Western Wolf Academy. Kate, an enthusiastic wolf hunter from Idaho, shared intriguing insights on the differences in wolf management between Idaho and Minnesota. While Minnesota restricts interactions with wolves, Idaho allows hunting with no limits using over-the-counter tags, maintaining a healthy wolf population effectively. Our discussion highlighted Idaho's positive approach to predator management.

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Wolf Management Bills In Minnesota

Finding Balance in the Northwoods: Wolf Management Bills

In the Northwoods, the conversation around wolf management has always been a tug of war tugging at the values of tradition, conservation, and politics. Recently, the echo of this discussion has grown louder with the introduction of the Minnesota Wolf Management Bills, HF3903 and SF3988, stirring up a whirlwind among Minnesota residents, particularly those in the deer hunting community.

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Stay focused on wolf management

Stay Focused

As Minnesota transitions into what appears to be an early spring, let's not lose focus on wolf management amidst this year's busy agenda. It's crucial to maintain awareness and prioritize the conservation of deer in our state. We are committed to advocating for responsible wolf management throughout the year and beyond.

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Trail Cams for Wolf Management

Trail Cameras for Tracking Wolf Activity in Minnesota

Minnesota's landscape is painted with a rich tapestry of natural beauty, from its dense forests to expansive prairies. Within this ecological mosaic, the wolf, an iconic and often-controversial figure, holds its reign within the borders of the North Star State. For hunters and trappers, understanding and preserving the delicate balance of wolf activity is not merely an interest; it is a responsibility towards conservation and management. One stunningly effective tool in this endeavor is the trail camera – an eye that never tires, watching when we cannot.

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Minnesota Wolf Count

Wolf Count Estimations

Wolf. Report has crunched some numbers and we'd like to share our findings. Before we begin, please note that these are rough estimates and should not be considered official statements from any organization. We may not be scientists or mathematicians, but we strive to contribute valuable insights to the conversation.

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