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Minnesota Wolf Management

Balancing Act: The Call for Effective Wolf Management in Minnesota

Deer hunters in Minnesota are advocating for immediate wolf management to address the decline in the deer population and the frustrations caused by the hands-off policy on gray wolves.

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Wolf Kill or just scavenging?

Scavenging or Attack?

Evidence of Scavenging

  • Sometimes, there won't be any blood visible around a dead animal, but there might be blood that has seeped out from inside the body, like from the nose.
  • Puncture wounds and lacerations on the animal's skin do not cause any bleeding on the inside or surrounding tissue.
  • When an animal's body is curled up with its legs tucked in, it can be a sign that the animal died from a non-predatory cause, such as disease or another condition.
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Minnesota Wolf Management

Then, Now and Tomorrow

As we delve into the past, present, and future of wolf management in Minnesota, we often come across valuable information that helps address current issues on the subject. Recently, we've noticed a surge of discussions on platforms like Facebook, with individuals debating who is responsible for various aspects of wolf management. However, we believe that the focus should be on taking action, rather than assigning blame.

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Wolf Reporting in Minnesota

Reports Today

Today, we have received Wolf Reports from several counties. Notably, there has been a Wolf Kill reported in Northern Itasca County, along with photo evidence.

The counties that have reported Wolf activity so far today are 

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Minnesota Deer Hunter Survey Results

Results Are In

Check out the results of our Deer Hunter Survey! We gathered opinions from Deer Hunters all across Minnesota to get a sense of their concerns. Unsurprisingly, wolves were identified as the biggest threat to Minnesota Deer populations, closely followed by severe winters.

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